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TECHNOART CONFRENCE 15/12/16  tickets.


To Buy tickets and more information call *9964
TechnoArt introduces the most anticipated technology conference of the year hosted by The Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art on December 15th 2016. 

The conference will include selected keynotes speakers from tier-one companies such as Viacom, Samsung, PayPal, Howden and KPMG and more disruptive tech startups. showcasing the newest startups, and an artistic show highlighting the intersection of music, art and technology. learning about the way technological innovation is impacting the artistic industry and the opportunities arising in the new digital era. The panels will also host international artists, designers and industry leaders such as: Charles Renfro (the architect who designed Moma and the Lincoln Center in NYC), Steve Greenberg (a 6-time Grammy nominee/winner, previously president of Columbia Records and the producer of some of the biggest hits of this and last year) and more.

The conference agenda includes a series of panels addressing the challenges and opportunities in this evolving digital climate, included in the agenda is a panel focused on interactive content - The power behind the story. This panels will host companies such as Iam+, Samsung, Viacom and more who are looking to engage with content creators, technological entrepreneurs and industry leaders while presenting and promoting their brand products . 

TechnoArt (, is the first technology start­up incubator of its kind, invests in technology Start Ups that relate to the world of arts, media and culture in its various forms such as music, film, dance, literature, fine arts and more.

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